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Napa, CA
How many others received a PM from Jeannette here on LSF?

Funny how the spammers will try anything.

I already reported it to the powers that be.
I had gotten one from the same person over at HBF. Thats cool if thats your thing, but this is an RC site, if I wanted a theological discussion, I would go to a Theological forum. I really hate it when people try to push religion like its a commodity.
I've banned that users account so that should be the end of that users crap. Thanks to those that reported the user to me.

Just another spammer trying a different tactic to get their word out. Posting their crap in the forums would have resulted in an immediate ban and deletion of the thread. Not many guys would have seen it. By sending the PM's, she was able to assure that most of the people she sent it to read it or will read it. Pretty time consuming though.
Boy, at 5 at a time, thats some dedication.

Are you sure it is 5 at a time?

I tried to forward the PM to Michael, Ed and yourself and the system only let me send it to a max of 2 people.

Maybe it is 5 for admin and 2 for the rest of us.
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