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Just a quick intro since this is our first mini contest. From time to time we'll be holding mini contest's as well as larger contests such as our $250.00+ Grand Opening Contest. These mini contests will be simple such as posting in a thread or posting an image and so on. Quick and easy and usually don't last long.


The winners of this contest will receive a set of RCNitroTalk Fuel Line Covers. Each set includes 3 feet of of the fuel line covers see colors below as well as 6 inches of heat shrink tubing...

Fuel Line Covers:

Heat Shrink Tubing:

The first FIVE (5) members that reply to this thread will receive there choice of colors of RCNitroTalk fuel line covers! Seriously it's as easy as that, just post here!

  1. Post in this thread!
  2. Post ONLY once until contest is over!
Yes it's that simple, once the contest is over I'll send a PM to the first five members that reply to this thread requesting shipping info. I'll then ship out the fuel line covers this week all free of charge!

ok im in (waiting for the fine print like the FREE CREDIT REPORT DOT COM Free, in real quite fast talking voice, with Enrollment in Triple Advantage which only costs 99.99 a Month) lol.

Easy as that - this contest is over. I'll be sending out the PM requesting shipping info and should have these kits out this week!

Timmahh - for a SUPER special low price offer, for you shipping for your kit is only $49.99 that's 50% off :laugh: hahaha

yeah from the bottom right;) that makes me #1 and speedy number two;);)
If not...awww crap i missed it!!!
i don't see these type contast lasting very long!!! lol i mean contest durations. not the contests
Not open for further replies.
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