proline reed valve @##$%

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hey guys, i just finish installing my new proline reed valve kit .the engine starts fine and the high rev his good but i have no torque at all even if i try to set the low speed screw please help me:helpsmilie:
Lose the reed valve. They are pretty notorious for killing bottom end. There really is not a whole lot you can do, you can lower the squish a bit, that will generally yield more bottom end. I think .020 is stock, so try to lower it to about .015 or 4mm.
Installation requires tapping a 10/32 hole into the bottom of the carburetor or crankcase for the pulse line also requires intake porting for proper performance. Was this done?
also if you just put on a reed valve. you only going to see minimal gains if that.

typically a motor needs some unique porting of the cylinder and a window/s cut into the piston to really see the bennefits of a reed valve motor.

just putting on the reed setup, without the additional motor work, is like dressing only in a thong to go out to dinner. lol
yes i did porting the cylinder and i installed the pulse line too and by the way 10-32 is to big it was a mistake 9-16 was the good size, thanks for your help.i modified the air filter to reduce the lenght of it maybe it was the cause of my trouble .the engine starts well but the buggy coudn't reach speed the engine reache the high rev only if the tire don't touch the ground.

#by the way i didnt have any problem to tune my engine(carb)before i installed the kit and my engine is brand new(full compresion)

by e
i also port the exaust side of the cylinder
(little bit) and i didn't use the clear hose included with the kit because the hose coudn't turn to clear the tank without pinching. I use the nitro flexible hose so the air could pass whitout any restrictions
so my trouble isn't that i found no gain on the bottom ,my buggy just don't run well
but if i hold the buggy to keep the wheels free, the engine takes rpm and then the engine seems working just fine!
So, everything sounds fine and is running well except when the buggy is on the ground and weight is on the wheels you loose the pull/drive to take off. When you pick the buggy up all is OK and the buggy rev's like mad? What rpm spring are you using in the clutch? Maybe the clutch is engaging too soon and you are loading up loosing rpm's down low? Just flinging water at the fire to see if I can help.:blush:
I have the 8000 rpm spring on the clutch (brand new) and before i put the proline kit there were no issus about the clutch, everything was fine. Right now, my guess is the modification i made on the air filter. I didn't have time to try it since. I need to fix tne adjustement to the throttle bar before i test the new air filter setting.

Can you send me pictures of the work to be made on the piston?
Is the porting i made to fit the kit ( intake side) sufficient? I also port the exaust side a little bit.
i don't have any pics of it, but there are some floating around.

its possible the port work you did is hindering the way the motor runs. reed porting is pretty specific. there are the ports that can be opened up and modified for the reed, there is a 5th transfer port to go in, and the window work on the piston.

if any of them are to much or to little, then the results would be poor performance, bad running ect....

you can likely find some great info doing a google search for say 2 stroke reed porting. sorry im not a motor modder (not yet anyways. lol) but know that the work needs to be pretty clean and done in a perticular way to get good results from a reed cage/case motor.

sorry i cant be more help, but you may want to double check the reeds, make sure the pulse port is operating correctly, and check the porting work against some that is known to be well performing.
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