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I took off my pull starter to clean my outerwear tonight and now cannot get the string to go back into place when I pull to start the truck up. It dangles out between 1 and 2 inches. I cleaned out the grease with degreaser/cleaner and then shot some wd40 in there with hopes that it would help lubricate whatever the heck the problem might be. Didn't work. It still dangles out between one and two inches after I pull. Any ideas? Do I need to shorten the cord a bit? I've probably already lost an inch by initially installing the outwear and then cleaning it and reinstalling it because I couldn't get the knot out. I also tried to unscrew the pull start assembly, but that screw holding the assembly together will not budge.
take it back off,loosen the center bolt, but don't remove it.
now pull the rope a lil bit, and Hold the spool inplace. a quick clamp works but is a pita, use your hand to hold it from recoiling, now take the slack part of the rope, and wrap the spool once more with the slack. its a trick but can be done,
but that will tighted up the ps, maybe wrap it twice if its really loose.

retighten the spools screw again.
I'll give that a try this evening and I'm going to cut at the hole on the prefilter. I was just trying to avoid tearing it, but after this fiasco, I could give two sh*ts if I do! :) The whole damn thing has cost me an evening of running! I had to run my nitro instead AND I still have not even run my Baja yet, I've had it for about 2 weeks now! Where does time go?
Got it fixed. Just put another big ol' knot in the pull start string and now it's all good. I took it apart to check the spring, but it was wound tight as anything, or at least as tight as I think it would get. Not sure if I could get it any tighter. Does anyone just sell the spring only and the pull start rope? I didn't see any at Home Depot. Guess it would be better if I went to a lawn mower/small engine shop.

Hey Frumpy, I still own my nitro. I ran it last night and was like, gee why did I get large scale my Losi is sooooo fast. Then it died, then I tuned it, ran it for about 10 minutes and it ran out of fuel, Fueled it back up, tuned it, ran it, retuned, ran it, died, restarted, tuned a bit, empty tank. All in about one hour. Then I remembered how wonderful my Firehammer MT is, how long it runs, etc. Plus I have a spankin new Baja in my garage with Tarmac tires on chrome rims just waiting for me to drop in the Spektrum receiver (just bought a DX3, finally, no interference and glitching when running the FHMT!).

Ahhhhh, I love large scale, even with all the little "learning experiences" along the way!:D
Hey csp i had to rebuild my pullsterter once It wasnt to bad, i had to cause i broke a string( home depot has ) and timah walked me through it, and i also used dry lube while i was building it .the spring popped out on me so it was a great learning exsperiance, I took pics as i was takking apart so i knew how the spring went back in. if you cant find correct string i have a ton id never use ill mail some to ya if you need. i had to go to 2 homedepo to find right string.
Thanks for the offer MarderBeet! I think I'm good right now. I'll wait and see what happens with this one.
If it gets sticky again, don't be scared to take it apart and clean it real good, its really not that hard to take apart and put together;

I found it to be extremely easy,

First make sure that the housing is not broken, the housing being the outer part of the assembly.
It should have a place on the outside of the ring that the end of the spring should slip into; the end of the spring should have a bend in it that will slip into that slot.

The other end of the spring (the end that will be in the center) should also have a bend in it, look on the back of the black plastic center piece and there should be a corresponding place for the spring to hook onto.

slip the outside end of the spring into the slot on the outer part so the spring can be wrapped counter clockwise, and wrap it in.

now if (and it should be, or you can bend it slightly) the hook on the inside end of the spring is about 1/4 inch from the center point it will automatically slip into the black plastic piece when you put it back on.

Try a test fit, put the black piece back on and turn it counter clockwise......it should grab the spring and build tension....if it does great!!! if not you will have to mess with the spring a bit to get it in the correct spot to grab it correctly.

Your almost done

first release all the tension and remove the black piece.

With the string placed through the hole and both ends connected,(one in the handle and one end knotted in the center black piece) wrap about 2/3 of the string onto the center black piece in a counter clockwise direction.

Now put it in place and screw the assembly back together.

There is a notch on the side of the black piece, hold the string there and begin wrapping counter clockwise approximately 4-5 turns.

now SLOWLY let the spring tension pull the remaining 1/3 of string in.

If every thing worked right you should have a rebuilt spring, if not go to a hardware store and they can show you how to do it.

One thing to check that it extremely important....when you pull the cord to it full length the knotted end should stop its extension NOT the spring. If the spring is stopping its extension then it's wrapped to tight, unwrap one coil of string on the black piece.
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