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Simi Valley, CA
So, I did the metal gear upgrade following the tutorial. I states to put the servo horn back on one tooth to the right (at 1 o'clock). Why would you want the servo horn slightly to the right when the steering is centered? Wouldn't you want it in the middle? Maybe somebody can explain, because I think I'm missing something here :) Thanks
You can always put the radio tray back in, turn on your TX and RX (make sure your steering trim is set to 0) so your servo centers then hook the horn up. You will then need to remove the radio box again and secure the horn with the screw.

If you look at the owners manual it will also tell you it goes on with a 1 spline offset.


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I just looked and your right. With the way the servo sits in the chassis the horn would hit the side wall and not have as much throw as it does in the other direction.

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