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Hello Everyone :) Ive been around RC cars for a long time... I have a Tamiya TG-10 car (nitro) but I recently went by a hobby shop and fell in love with the FG Marder, and really thinking about purchasing one! Ive been gathering some information from the net and came across this wonderful site which I hope will help me out in my future purchase.

Questions I got is the following :helpsmilie:... The regular off-road marder they have is the G230 engine.. they do have the race one as well, but should that engine be G260? I don't wanna get riped off if I purchase something.

Also the front tire are thinner and rear is bigger on the off-road.. does the race version have the same size front as the rear? or the fronts are the same as the off-raod? I noticed some pictures in the thread "show us your marder" where most pictures had a fatter front tire? What purpose is this for?

Should I purchase the "race" version.. I did read what upgrades it comes with, the store owner mentioned it had a tuned pipe etc.. I mean sooner or later the bug for upgrading will happen :)

Thanks for your time eveyone and look forward to your answers. :)

Cheers, Nick
I don't think the new FG's are coming with the 23cc anymore I think they are almost all coming with the 26cc. The older models came with the 23cc. What are the price differences you are getting from your LHS? Most LHS's will have a cost difference of a couple hundred dollars, but if you can get the upgraded rear brake, ball drive system widened tires, pipe then it pays to upgrade for 200.00.:) Have you seen the competition chassis in 4wd that are going to be coming out??
Thanks for the reply! Nope i haven't seen what the new 4wd look like. This model FG is the off-road, come with the 23cc engine. I never got to see the race version it wasnt on display! I will call to comfirm the engine price.

The wheels on the off-road are thinner in front right? rears are wider correct?

By widen tires do u mean. front are not don't come thiner and are the same as rear?

Thanks again
The marder race is the same as the marder with the exception that the race version has:
rear ball drive
alloy shocks all around
gear cover
front arms are different

the tuned pipe is not stanard on the race, he may be including that.

The tires and rims are the same on the marder and marder race. They both come with the 26cc engine now. All offroads now come with the 26cc and the on-roads come with the 23cc engine for the higher rpms.
also with Euro still being king on the 1/5 sanctioned racing, their rules are 23ccs for onroads and 26ccs for off. that is likely the reason for the differances too.
The firehammer is definately a ripoff of the FG, but how it holds up I have no idea of. Just make sure the non-FG parts are easilly available before you buy.
Here's some pics I still had. This Marder is for sale from a friend. Basically it's pretty well new. Front brakes are installed but not it these pics. Selling it for $1250 with the following. I think the price is very good for what you get.

New Adjustable diff
Samba exhaust
new Front disks
new Multiplex servo
New 3600 Battery pack
Spektrum 2.4ghx DX3 set


If you want to know more about the Duratrax chassis, we have quite a bit of info in the XTM/Firehammer/Carson Forum. I bought a "Clone" for a family member a while back and so far I have heard no bad news. I myself have a Old Marder with the a Zenoah 26. My FG has never given me any trouble , besides a few parts needing replacement from fatigue. I bought mine new in Germany in 1996.

Good luck, and just get as much info as possible and be smart about the purchase, ask in the forums as you already are, most in here are very helpful and knowledgable. And be careful of anyone feeding you any BS. Just do some research, it'll pay out in the end.
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