RAC air tire kit?

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They look like 4 pizza cutter front tires. Wheres the beef for the back?
I wonder how much they wiegh?
You can get those at Harbor Freight for $1.99 each.

I can see using them for serious hardcore burnouts or donuts on pavement because they are so cheap.

You cold cut them for treads on the back pretty easy.
Actually, on that Baja, I kind of like them. Defintely a cool Mad Max look to it with those on.

Get a carbon fiber body on that thing and a 12 inch Mad Max figure.
Ya, just funny it sounds like its being sold as a great value to the whole package.
RAC air tire kit ( May be the only Baja 5B's around with air tires ) see the tire valve in the pictures , nice , can be changed back to the HPI tires and wheels also if you want
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