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Well, some of you that read this section a lot, know I bought a Baja 1000, and since I hate having to tear everything down, rebuild, tear everything down, rebuild, rinse, repeat every time we come up with a new part, or some new idea, I just bit the bullet and bought a Race Runner as well. Not sure what I am getting, I left it to Troy at Large Scale Hobbies to set me up, so unsure of when I will get it, he said within the next week or 2, so we will see what shows up and how its set up.

We may be cutting some prototype for the MCD this weekend provided enough time, and of course, we will keep you guys informed.
Well this list is by no means what we will actually make, but it is a general idea, and based on what I see a need for. Also, keep in mind, that some of this stuff is available from other companies, but I see room for improvement. This is not to say that the other guys are making sub standard parts, a lot of it is very nice, but I see a need for things to be made for the American RC mentality, which is go big all the time. So many of the parts we make will be suited for more of the basher mentality, and less for the racing, as light as humanly possible, survive only one crash train of thought.

- carbon fiber servo tray with aluminum standoffs
- carbon fiber diff / brake support
- aluminum engine carrier plate
- aluminum lay shaft carrier
- aluminum front diff bearing block
- aluminum gears hard anodized

These are what caught my eye immediately, but as I said, this list is by no means certain.
Im feeling the money in my wallet is starting to burn allready...... :) I cant wait for when this stuff wil be available :)
I know i will be buying some bits as well, let me know when you have made the radio tray and the other bits. :dots::cool2::):ph34r:

if you make enough i could be a dealer for you in England.........
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