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Well, i have to say Nomadio service is A++++++. The gentleman i have been working with on my problam is great, but again today i had to pack up my Sensor and sent it back.I hope he can fix it, last time is was the reciever.

I'm a little gun shy now on using it for my large and very $ cars. So i'm going to look for a new radio, any info would be great, i looked into a react, but its way more than i can spend. How about a spectrum unit?

I'm on the fence. I have my Futaba in there now, and i'm using my HPI radio for the baja.
I can only speak from my experience with the Spektrum. I like it and it seems to have all the settings needed for both our FGMT and DTFH.:)
I have seen that the price has come down some and the second receiver is a plus with the purchase. I also saw that they redesigned the controller to be more like others, mine are the older models but I still like them.
won't steer. plug in both my receivers, and neither one works the steering. Servos are fine. Scott at Nomadio is going to completely retune it, and see if he can find the problam. Its a great radio, and if i had the $ i would buy another. We will wait and see i guess.
Whatever you get make sure it has mixing on the third channel. This allows you to adjust your front and rear brake seperatly. Most radios don't have this feature The Nomadios do and they rock!

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