Rc Boats

i have 2 boats im hoping to complete this spring. these are my first venture into boats, so it should be an experience either way.

i ll visit the site and hope to learn some stuff!
T how did you choose what quality and type of boat you wanted. I am super confused more so then I ever was in LS.:(:blush:
I have to say I have a couple of picks from people on here I have saved and look at and dream once in a while.
Took nearly 3 years and a ton of design work to get it done..

Seriously fast from what we've done at part throttle... Will get some WOT runs this summer next to our BAJA H2X to see if it can outrun a full size 310 hp boat..

I think it will... I'll get the video posted once it warms up and we get it properly broken in and tuned..
what are u running under the hatch? I am going to use 2 MHZ drives, and i think i'm going to go with a pair of twins.
BAJA 2005 Poker Run Replica

Tuned Pipes 4 Zenoah G260 PUM motors, counter rotating 3-Channel Radio, Futaba 2.4 GHZ receiver Q-Scale servo\'s 4 water pumps Carbon Fiber engine compartment and guage cluster Quick Release engine mounts, 4 pt Trim tabs Plexiglas engine cover, Swim Platform, 3 blade props

Not sure what the top speed is but it gets to 60 in a hurry with little effort

My poor man attempt at owning a Poker Run boat

Next summer we start on a CAT as soon as we get our hands on a quality hull. Basically the same set up, but should be much faster than a V-Bottom!


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WOW.... That is what my plan is, When i get my motors i'll shoot u a PM, if you don't mind, i might have some questions.
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