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My RCU take. It stinks, sucks, mods are a bunch of morons, can't ask for any help, they delete ur post, idiots, i asked if anyone had some pins for my FG ST, and it got moved to "comtamination" WTH is that?? Great batch of people, but the place is run buy morons.....

I get a PM, that this is not RCBAY.... ROFL. And that i can ask where to "buy" these parts, but not if anyone is selling them? SO what is the diff if someone tells me i can buy it at DDM (example) by Amitysanimal (example) has some and he can't tell me where to buy them> WTF.

Sorry had to rant.
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:2guns: RCUseless,Ive been banned there for a while now.Here's what I say:clown:


Makes for a great avatar:cool2:
ROFL, nice Frumpy!!!!

Foxy was pretty cool, he/she (don't know) gave me some reasons for my post being deleted, but i still say BS.
I saw that post this morning. I didn't think there was anything wrong with it. Especially when you are trying to save 10 bucks on postage for a small part!

yea heaven forbid someone actually GET/Give useful info.
Foxy seems ok, but i see that assbucket Ken is still a MOD.
the place is a joke.
Don't get me started either... Foxy seems a decent bloke but the rest are just a bunch of goons - especially that RCKen f-wit. Everytime I post there I get some 5th scale tool having a cheap shot - probably as they're banned everywhere else but rcpoo and their own forum, and we all know how many people use 5th scale.. 2/5ths of f - all!
Some guy named Sullivan emailed me, told me it sounded like i wanted someone to sell me something. NO SH!T. I told him thanks for pointing that out and that he must b the boss. ROFL. I love it. Turmoil!!!!
You guys crack me up, FOXY is the reason I got into Large Scale, it was because of him that I am a GASSER now and the nitro is on the shelf collecting dust.

As for usefull info it is here. Thanks for the laughs guys keep up the good work.
Nah, last time i tried that, it was worse..... I'll find a small dealer who has some and is reasonable at shipping costs.
nice to see you guys are still around . At one time rcu was a nice place , Like i said was . then it all started with the baja haters , then it moved onto the mcd haters. god forbid you bash a fg product over thier. this place here was the best thing to ever happen to largescale rc. just wish i had not had to get out of the the hobby . thinking of making a comeback . hell i just remember i have a baja sitting in the closit poor thing has not been ran in over a year .
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