RCX 2007 Show Updates

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Ok folks, I'm at RCX with TeamGoNads, DDM and VSModelsport. I'll be posting pics from the TGN booth, the HPI booth and the VSModelpsort booth.

Also, check out RCXLive for a live video feed.
Hi USEBaja5, did you have to cut the shell to mount that STX body on the Monster Truck ? I'm looking into getting that shell for my truck with the ST tires.
Thank you.
sweet lookin rides there dude, man i love that alloy baja tricked out and that cf body is awesome. i'm well impressed wish i could go to a show like that, i look forward to seeing more pics.
The Stadium Truck body is a one-off custom Carbon Fiber body that was made by Rhino Racing for me. There is nothing available that even comes close to fitting the Baja. Believe me, I looked before contacting Danny. Danny did an awesome job on it, and then my painter finished it up with the custom graphics and clear coat.

We had about 25 people waiting at 9:00 Saturday morning to see what was under the blanket. I had the Baja on the stand, and the body under a blanket. I forgot there was extended body mounts showing, so a few people noticed, and told the magazine guys and HPI. At 9:00 I unwrapped it and heard - OHHH NOOO----- the 5T is here.

We must have heard, OH poop!!!! about 5,000 times as people came around the corner. Danny was the king of the show once everyone knew who he was.
Damn wish i could of made it. But I am thinking of hitting the Toledo show in Ohio here in a while. Ron Olson told me about it Sat on the RCX Live chat window. So I think i ll Try to hit that one being its only a few hrs south of me.
TGN,DDM or you planning on being at that show Rob? or haveing some Reps for it? if so let me know, im down for helping out if you guys are going or need bodys to go work the show or just to help set up tear down.
Here are some pics from RCCarAction. We'll do a run down of each show truck in the next few days.


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man that alloy/cf baja looks even better ;-] that is my style of look, how heavy is it? i'm a big fan of cf and it just looks so damn good with all that alloy. boyee i'm jealous. very good work that is the best lookin' baja i have had the pleasure of looking at, well done
TGN will post some better pics in the next few days. Everyone loved that one. Some Japanese collector tried to buy all the show trucks. If the Trophy Truck was ready to run, I would have sold it a few times. I didn't have the radio gear installed though.

Spotted at RCX.

CY motor

Knockoff of a FG Sportsline car

RTR with radio est. price $699 built painted and ready to go go go.... :eek:

Company was said to be started by a former Smartech sales manager it looks exactly like a carson / smartech. The build quality of the car is fantastic looks even better then smartech, servos are GWS 777.

On road version the Body and radio is where they fell short (for now), 27MHz AM Futaba knock off china radio and a non lexan white plastic painted / decal Ford GT
LOVE the Ford GT shape just wish it was lexan and more detail it is said to be a licensed body.

Off road Buggy looks just like a Smartech....

US importer is set

I asked Tigger to get some shots of the on-road and off-road versions with the body on and off.
if i knew it was for sale i would have offered you a good price for it as well ;-]

I was loading the car, and some California guy offered to buy the Stadium Truck. He said he wanted the biggest baddest truck. Once we got closer to actually selling it, he kept changing the deal. Like wanting the Trevor Simpson motor installed at the show. He said he had the cash in his pocket, but we never saw it. Danny from Rhino Racing was talking to him mostly when I wasn't there. If he was serious, I would have thrown in a new radio and installed one of the Dave's Motors for him.

Vernon, everything is for sale, just depends on how much. I'll probably be selling Full kits in a few weeks.
timmahh late summer there is a big show in chicago i think its ihobby or something like that. chop suey here is a pic with the stx body on a mt and 1 on a special leomarder chassis
Hi Todd, thank you for the picture.
I'm just wondering if you have to trim the shell near the rear of the front wheels for steering clearance. That was my only concern. I was thinking of using that shell with ST wheels. Perhap, I won't have to trim the shell.
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