Really happy i went petrol/gas

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Well after 12 months of running a NB16 buggy & a savage (and a nice one at that), a pain in the backside to start and poor run times i was close to giving up on a hobby i have been keen on from when i was in my early teens (i'm now nearly 30!), last night i took my FG MT out for a "proper" run and WOW! i must of been running close to an hour and all after 1 pull of the pullstart!!!!

I'm so pleased i went over to largescale, its the most fun i've had in RC!

Anyone else feel the same way?
Definately the best move I made since I started in RC.
You know what they say, once you gas........hhmmm ahhhh well you now what I'm saying, :celebrate:
I went from 8 nitros and the Baja to 1 nitro left my Hellfire and its only had 5 tanks ran through it since August I think I just hang on to it just so I can say I still have a nitro but it sure looks nice on the self lol.The only one I really miss was my Losi 8ight that thing was sweet I may get out the Hellfire again if my Baja is tore down or something.
Gas all the way!!!!!!
I know the saying "once you go gas, you haven't got any more cash". i just bought another 1/5-1/6 scaler. Gasoline boat started all this spendy 1/5th scale mess, and i love every minute of it. I bought the Baja 5b next and just now bought a DTX firehammer MT off of ebay. I think i might need one more 1/5th scaler, something on road and CHEAP!!! I cant remember a time when i ran a nitro or electric car all day without any problems. I ran the baja with only 15 minute breaks to let me and the buggy cool off.
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