Rear Diff Problem

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I've got a firehammer buggy that has been upgraded with a 30 cc kit and tuned pipe. I thought the clutch was slipping and replaced it today. Got it all back together and went to run it . Blam. Same problem. Come to find out it's the gear slipping on the diff gear. It seems to be caused by the rear of the car flexing. I tightened all the bolts and nuts. Started it up. Same thing. Does any one have a fix that would stiffen up the back half so it won't flex? I'm sure this is caused by the added hp from the mods. Someone please help.
Make sure you are meshing the two gears with a business card between them that will be the correct mesh, if you squish that between the two gears before tightening the motor mounts it will give you the correct spacing. Make sure that the motor mounts are tight and not stripped. Also make sure to inspect the gears, you may have had the motor move forward and not knowing it worn the gears. If its not a mesh thing or the gear problem also make sure the aluminum support attaching the large motor mount to the rear is tight each time.
See if that works and get back. It may be a thing as simple as the motor mounts not keeping and you may be in need of the aluminum upgrades.
If you only have the standard plastic engine mount (Clutch side) that also hold the inner bearing. I would suggest upgrading it with an alloy mount as it will flex away from the diff with all the extra power and it dosn't matter how much you tighten the plate above it the screws arn't strong enough to hold it in place.
Thanks for the suggestions. I end up getting a small turn buckle for it. I drilled a hole through the rear shock mount. I took a longer screw and ran it through one end of the turnbuckle and screwed it to the mount. Then I took and passed the other end through the hole I drilled in the shock tower. Then I just tightened up on the turnbuckle and pulled everything tight. Put it all back together and tried it out. It works like a champ.
I'll try to get some pics up soon. Give me a day or 2 to get them up. I can't take all the credit for this. I picked up the idea from a member on another forum. He said use a eye bolt instead of a turnbuckle. I figured using a turnbuckle would be easier to tighten.
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