reasonable price FG 98 % alloy MB


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Hamilton Ontario Canada
im confiding in you guys about a reasonable asking price for a FG 98% alloy MB
FG Mutant monster leopard
Alloy front upper and lower arms
Alloy rear upper elcon arms
Alloy rear lower CNR fixed lower amrs
Elcon rear shock tower
Front custom made CSC CNC’d shock tower 7075 t6 alloy
Alloy all corners Hubs
Alloy gear carrier with upgrade brakes for rear
Alloy servo tray with relocating bracket for RX box
Alloy diff holders
Alloy diff “ NOT” adjustable
Competion with bearings front brakes cables
Alloy spur gear carrier
Metal 16-18 pinions with mating plastic 46-48 gears
Alloy roll cage connectors
Metal pull starter ring
Hitec 805 steer ,hitec 645 throttle brakes ,xtm front brake sevro < kinda crap work fine but not a great servo
Outerwear pull and air cover with TGN and K&N
Zen 26 with 488 race ported chokeless carb
Jetpro Monster beetle pipe
Custom painted MB never run with spare basher MB body
98 percent alloy except the front axle mounts
Custom made leopard chassis 7075 t6 x .250 thick
With spare screws, bearings etc
please give me your honest opinion on all these items

You should get 1500 for that beast anyway with all that bling. just sucks this time of year selling anything for outdoor now. I'd advertise but don't give it away. you might have to hold on until spring, unless someone is looking for a very sweet Christmas gift
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