Rebuild Your Xrc Driveshafts

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after my driveshaft destroyed itself,i discovered a way of re,building it.......
first of all the drive pins are made of soft steel so you can knock them out with a hammer.i found an old allen key just a bit larger than the hole (you can also use a bolt or piece of steel bar),i tapered one end a little (about an inch) with a benchgrinder till it fitted in the hole,then holding the shaft in a vice or similar,tap the key in with a hammer till it fits tightly and then cut off the excess with a hacksaw or grinder!!ive done this twice to my driveshafts and they have lasted a lot longer than the originals!! save money,recycle and save time goin to the shop for parts all the time!!:cool2:
ive found that hi tensile "roll pins" will work have to drill out the holes in the driveshafts to fit the roll pins,they last longer than screws or allen keys....the only other mod is you have to grind out the yoke or inner hub to fit the larger diameter pins.:2guns:
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