Receiver battery dead ?


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Sup guys, hope yall doing great ! Recently bought a baja 5T, slighty used who has the original 6V 3000MAH NIMH battery. I think she's preaty dead cause when I'm trying to charge it with my B6AC, it always says fully charged at 2A. Am I right ? What would be a good replacement choice ?
Thanks :)


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So check this out. If you decide to go with a LIPO battery. One of the most popular choices the Hitec D845WP servo is on sale for only 86.99 at Daves Motors and you can still use the 5% off code with free shipping. And did I mention you get a free servo horn. Sucks that i bought mine almost 2 months ago and paid $100. Now is a good time to take advantage. Going LIPO is the way. You wont reget it. World of difference from running a 6v hump pack. Just my 2 cents. Good luck

Here is the link: