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This is another newbiw question.

most people run a 5 cell sub c battery, but what kinf of connector is used. most of my batteries have deans. is there an adapter I can use.

How do these voltage monitors work, connector wise. can I plus a regular size connector in one end and the output is a servo size connector??

I cant see running a 12g wire into the receiver.

Can the 805bb handle 7.2v without a requlator?

and finally are these voltage regulators any good?

hey you cant learn unless you
Your RX will handle any 5 cell (6V 1.2v X 5 cells) most RXs will go up to 6 cells (7.2v) without issues but inst recommended. You can use whatever connector style you want to charge the batteries. The wire (Output) going to the RX needs to be good quality wire but there is no need for overkill and you will need an RX style connector.

Why and how are you looking to get 7.2v to you servo?
What type of radio system are you going to use? If its BEC will it not regulate the volts down to 4.8V? Which in my opinion is not enough, you will want to use 6V which if you look on the Hitec website is the highest recommended voltage. If you have a BEC system you will need to use a Y connector which is supplied with the 805BB. If you use the Spektrum system you do not need the Y connector unless you are splitting the battery for use of a VoltWatch volt meter in the same battery terminal on the RX, because what goes in the Spektrum RX comes out even up to 9.6V so watch out you can burn out a servo with too much V's from a 7.2V!:)
On the connectors there are allot of us that do not use a switch to turn it on or off. The switch in my opinion is another thing that can go wrong, and where it is located on the FGMT and Firehammer a great target for something to turn off. There are several guy's who run with the dean plug as there switch.:)
gotcha, thanks
been installing the electronics and cant figure out a way to get a battery in and out with the samba in the way.
gotcha, thanks
been installing the electronics and cant figure out a way to get a battery in and out with the samba in the way.

leave it in and charge it there. Should get plenty of time per charge. Just keep it full.:) I only have one and it stays in the truck and I charge it when needed.
also note, if you use Ni-CD batteries, then you need todrain fully before you recharge NiCDs. so grab a Ni MH pack, and put it in place. you can recharge the NiMH bats without draining them first.
Hmm, I was under the impression that if you supply the radio with six volts, you get six volts from the receiver.

I understand it drops to 4.8 if you use an ESC on an electric car, but why would they sell 6 volt packs for smaller 1/10th scale nitro cars if you only get 4.8 volts? Not even the pro racers use Y harnesses on their 1/10th or 1/8th nitro cars and they all run 6V packs.

AND I just did an experiment. If you hook up a servo through the receiver with a 4.8V pack you get a slower speed then when I plugged in the 6V pack.

I've been using the 6V packs with my large scale servos and hooking them directly to the receiver for about 10 years now. NEVER had an issue.

Not sure if all receivers work like this BUT if you have a Futaba receiver with BEC (they all have it now) and you plug in a battery pack directly into the receiver, the BEC shuts off and delivers a full 6 volts. Technically it bypasses it.

If you install an ESC for an electric car and the receiver is powered through a "channel" port the BEC is activated.

It doesn't HURT to use the Y harness but for me personally it has not been necessary.
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