Reciever question

i know they just need the spot for the slot tab on the servo plugs.
but i just carefully trim the tabs off when using a tabbed plug in the JR type RXs. just take note fo the way the plug fits in, as it will fit both ways without the tab.
All servos execpt for some old Airtronics servos use standard pin configuration. The Futaba servos and several of the OEM brands have a small tab on one side of the connector. The tab can be removed with a small knife if your receiver won't accept that plug.
If you mean Hitec, then yes the Hitec will take Futaba.

Novak Rx's are on the same standard by default.

Nomadio is the same way.

I believe that newer Airtronics gear (Airtronics "Z", the blue plug) also has the same order of wires, though I'm unable to definitively confirm this at the moment.

All you have to do with most any r/c gear is make certain that the Postive/Negative/Signal wires are in the same order, matching plug to socket.


edit: And oh yes, of course the tab, as blindguy mentioned. Lopping off the pesky tab has gotten so habitual I've just taken it for granted. They key though is matching polarity in the wires to that of the socket.
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