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I have a 30.5 CY. Its just a Chrome motor nothing fancy. Runs like the dickens, we all know the more the merrier :). Looking to make it an insane motor.
I have heard such good things about Reed motors, having more power and such.
Could I put a Reed kit on my 30.5?
If so would it be a bolt on kit or would I have to do some port matching.

Thanks guys
Yes, Doug at ESP can put you on a Proline and do all the modding porting work that needs to be done. go over to HBF, and look up EarthSurfer, (Doug at ESP) and pm him. he ll give you all the info you ll need to make a educated decision.
The way i look at it,it looks good and sounds good with all the power! But if you can put the traction down whats the point? I have a 26cc alro heli tuned engine with extras and it's hard to get the full potential out of the motor because of it spinning up! More HP doesn't mean you will be the fastest!!!!
This is going to be more of a fun motor, where traction doesn't matter
:devil:. Its going in until I have my Zenoah 26 ready to drop in.
I hate down time :)
The 30.5 will end up in one of my other cars or truck.
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