Removing the Baja differential

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From the factory, the HPI Baja 5b diff is usually under filled or dry. Checking and filling the diff should be done before you run your HPI Baja for the first time. Please take the time to do this if you don't, your diff will wear out prematurely.

The task isn't hard but there are several steps. Make sure you have plenty of time and space to do this maintenance task. It will help to have a few small boxes or containers handy to place your parts in. It will also help to have a rag handy. Take your time, look at the photos, and read your...

Removing the Baja differential

Thank Eddy from for writing the tutorial, all I did was post it. I've gone ahead and made a new thread with all the current tutorials and stickied it.

If anyone here would like to add a review or tutorial please let me know and we'll be glad to post it for you!

Until Woodie Has a chance to change it:

As step 1 of the diff removal you must first preform the Brake maintenance listed in the article section first.
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