Removing the layshaft

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I'm attempting to remove the layshaft on my FG MT. So far, I removed the rear wheels, muffler, wheelie bar. I then unscrewed the hex screws next to the big gear. I attempted to pull it out but couldn't. What's the proper way to remove this layshaft?

Thanks in advance.
I really don't know what is the easiest way but i pull out the engine and it really gives you all the access that you need to work. Then you can easily take the lay shaft gear off and the brake square and the pads. With all of the things attached to rear of the plastic carrier, you can easily slide off the lay shaft. Like i said, that's just me. I'm still pretty new with the fg mt so maybe some of the other guys knows a better way.
I'm still struggling trying to remove that layshaft. I unscrewed all the hex screws and I couldn't just pull it out by grabbing the big gear from the side. Any idea?
remove the whole motor is what i do and it's the best way to me. after that remove the spur gear and gear carrier. also remove the pinion on that layshaft that conects to the diff.. there will also be a square with an allen bolt that hold the brake disc in place, remove that. If everything comes off smoothly you will have your layshaft out. But remove the engine completely. the shaft should slide out of the bearing in the larger motor mount.. Good luck..

Layshafts can be stubborn trust me on that. i had to cut a few completely off
One more thing, you may need to file the burrs of the shaft as this can make pulling the shaft through the bearings impossible.
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