Replacement engine for FG MB

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I think everyone has a hard time with answering this question as I've asked it also. It really is a personal thing but the motor heads on here can better help you if you explain exactly how you will be using it. There are motors that can rip your arms off and there are motors that could drag your arm faster then you would like, but using the speed motor for a pulling or climbing bash would not be what you want and visa versa. That motor you show looks sweet but again there are alot of things you can do to a standard motor to get what you want too without the added tools. There are guys that you can send your motor too and get it maxed for the way you will use it and there are kits like the one you show. I know I am no help to you here but post the ways and what you want out of your motor and see what the motor pros can do.:blush:
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