retailer selling genuine hip 5b ss kits


Takes pipe? from stranger's ?
If that is a ligit address ,it is too close to the border ,I would not trust it!....:giggle:


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How could it be real if HPI doesn't exist anymore? I highly doubt they where ever made in big enough numbers to have some mysterious supply get found and brought to market. I think the only new ones left will be on fleabay. Im suprised no one has picked up the brand if they're as desirable as they are hear. Wonder if its for sale?


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That site is shady for sure. What we have heard is that they always list stuff as "available" in stock and you place your order. They always seem to "have stuff in stock" that no one else does. Some items they simply just back order through the manufacturer and then when they become in stock you will receive them...could be weeks or months. Others like the listed item here as we know is not available anywhere. So you will be calling your card company and canceling your charges after you get no responses from them. Intresting how they only accept cards but not PayPal. I would stay away...too good to be true almost always is.
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