returning my dominator


New Member
sandiego ca
i have the jp3 i am happy with it but i heard so much hype about the dominator i decided to try it well i wasnt very happy with the tight within the plastic parts it melted a few spots in the cage, and after running it a few times i decided to stick with the jp3 i just love the top end!! called ddm and they are taking it back no problem thanks for the hassle free return! did anyone else have these issues and just decide to live with it??
Hey mate yer mine melted the cage too but no biggie compared to how well it preforms. My TGN pipe also melted the cage. I just see it as part of the price you pay for the performance you gain
if what you looking for is top end ....then yep I would say the jp3 is about the same, but if your looking for bottom end, then the Dominator is the only way to go. IMO. Anyone know when HBF will be back up?
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