Review of Jetpro Pipe (FG Marder/ Baja)


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As I have previously run my FG Baja with the stock can, and a £40 aluminium Chinese copy of the FG/Samba type pipe (see here) I feel reasonably well qualified to do a review of the Jetpro Marder/Baja pipe that I bolted on to the car this evening. I've put this thread here because I figured that it is relevant to most of the JetPro pipes across all makes an models of RC.

I wasn't unhappy with the power of the last pipe I had, frankly it went very well and was a major improvement over the stock can. For £40 I can't think of another way to get more bang for your buck. Problem is, after a high speed roll, the pipe broke off at the header as it didn't have any tertiary attachment, and being alu gets kind of weak when it's hot. So when I heard that I was having a wage freze for the second year running, I consoled myself with a new pipe straight from Mr Jetpro himself, Dino (and Dino took pity and sent me a free T-Shirt in the box :w00t:).


Build quality
I'm amazed by the build quality because the pipe is clearly hand beaten in a mould. There are a few mould marks on it, but you have to be keen to spot them. The top of the header pipe is more oval than round, but that's because it's hand made, and addds to the look of the pipe!

The weld seams are very neat and continuous. Quite a piece of craftsmanship really.



The header plate itself was spot on flat (quite an achievement considering the amount of weld on it), and teh supplied gasket was a rubber coated lead type gasket, so conforms perfectly to any imperfections. No need for gasket goo here.

This pipe is heafty, probably pound in weight, so very sturdy (when mounted, it doesn't move at all, and I'll be amazed if I can break this one off at the header)

the chrome plating is of very good quality, and is thick, thicker than typical domestic chroming of radiators and taps etc, so it won't ever peel as it ages.

Fitted perfectly, didn't need to bend anything. Though the gear plate mounting hole needed a little dremmeling to make it a perfect alignment.


the back of the pipe sits neatly just under the rear wing, so is well protected.


Install was a breze after I had opened up the gear plate mounting hole. The most awkward bit was threadingthe brake linkage under the pipe, as the clearance between the gear plate mount and brake linkage is tighter than a Nuns chuff. Not an issue though, I just needed to shorten the length of the brake lever arm to stop it fouling on the pipe mount.



Actually tightening the header bolts up was a pain in the arse, as one of them is part covered by the pipe. I got around this by chopping 10mm off the end of one of my hex keys.

DSCF4313.jpg DSCF4311.jpg

First Run
I richened both needles to be safe, and set her going.

I know everyone keeps going on about the noise these pipes make, but wow, YouTube does not do it justice! It's like a mini-moto!

So, gingerly hit the throttle a few times, lean out the low a bit to stop it barking, hmm yeah, seems OK, lets try one hit of full throttle.... OMFG, backflip! Wasn't expecting that straight out the box and not fully tuned!

The next half hour is a bit hazy really, lots of dust clouds and rooster-tails, wheelies on command (but controllable if you don't want a wheelie). I was having so much fun that I didn't take any photos (hence all the place markers)

This pipe is as loud as you like on full throttle, but fairly sensible at other levels. If you gently blip he throttle as the revs are dropping down it make a wonderful burbling noise.

I stuck the GPS on it this evening and it clearly has some serious bottom end grunt, as well as a strong top end. I've not got much full data on the stock and chinese pipes, only enough to state the maximum acceleration from the data. Either way, it's clear that the Jetpro wins.

3.5 m/s/s Stock pipe
6.0 m/s/s max Chinese pipe (0 to 25mph)
7.5 m/s/s Jetpro - 0 to 25mph
5.0 m/s/s Jetpro - 25 to 40 mph

Top Speed
40.0 mph Stock pipe
39.1 mph Chinese pipe
38.0 mph Jetpro

It looks from the data that the stock pipe has it, but remember that I haven't tuned the top end yet. I've also got a very small crankcase air leak which will be hurting the top end. Also I now have Mammoth tyres on the rear instead of the standard FG ones, which have a slighty smaller rolling diameter due to the length of the spikes in the long grass. So in reality I'd call this a dead heat.

Having more power will now let me alter the gearing to increase the top speed if I want. If you don't believe me, see the following vid!


Why the hell didn't somone stop me buying a chepy pipe and make me buy this first off!

To be honest, I think that there is a place for everything. If you are on a budget, buying a £350 second hand rig and want more power for bashing, get the £40 Chinese pipe as you'll be very happy. If you want to grin like a maniac and can afford it, get a JetPro.



<edit> I have now heard it do this under load and wheels off the ground. If I hit full throttle ane hold it there, the engine will scream away for 2s, then cut out for a fraction, scream away for 2s, and cut out for a fraction, and keep doing this.

Needle settings don't seem to affect this. The only think I can think of is if the engine is maxing out the RPM and the ignition can't keep up. I'll try and get a video of this. Any ideas on if I should worry?
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excellent review and i would agree with what you have noted. I know have 2 jetpro pipes and happy with them, they didnt need any modifications unlike my ddm.


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I put a cy27 with a jet pro and silencer in the rally. 2 min running with binding and I could hit full revs in about 20 feet lol. I think I have enough power I could use mt gearing flipped and it'd be fine, just go faster than I could drive it.

I put a clip of my jet pro shirt in the latest vid :D .


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I do like them Jetpro's. Yup, the header bolt, one of them is a real BALLACHE!!!

And yes, the middle bracket mount hole needs to be dremmeled.

But Jetpro pipes...superb!!


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Excellent review of the Jetpro pipe! However, I really miss the video. It would be really nice to see how that thing is running :)


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I agree with your review, as I've had the same experiences with mine. Great improvment over stock. Do be aware that the pipe will bend easier than you think from crashes. The space between the air filter and the pipe gets smaller quick, and the brake rod space does the same. At some point you may need to bend it back into shape as I have. It is a good product and worth the price, but I'd like to see one or two more mounting tabs added to help keep it from bending.


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Looks like there's a need for a large scale slipper clutch!
It's like my 1/16 E-Revo VXL. I have to loosen the slipper or it's on it's back every time!

One stage reminded me of Benny Hill - no offence - with the 'performing seal' blasting across view on it's rears!
Plenty of torque and grip. Any impacts on the exhaust - bends?

2-speed on it's way? ...... !!


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I think I figured it, I forgot to check the header bolts were tight before the run, so the tune appeared to go to pot when actually the header was loose.

I need some alloy rear arms now as the threads in the plastic ones have ad too much abuse and keep popping out (possibly due to general abuse, but unlikely to be helped by doubling the stock acceleration).

Also didn't help that I cartwheeled it on Friday, which ripped off front left ad rear left hubs. I think i'll be scouting ebay for some second hand alloy arms this week............