RN Pipes?

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I haven't seen anyone with a FGMT with it but have seen it on a Hormann MT a couple times. Here is a video of one mounter to the Hormann, I'm not sure if you would also need to cut a hole in the back of the FGMT but think you would. I personally would not want to cut the hole.:no:
Caution DO NOT have volume up with little kids the music is something to be desired - Shows the persons IQ...
Just a bit of a communication problem, too bad they have a awsome product only we can't have it b/c we speak english. Comical almost. Thanks waqr.

Bullhead, that looks like french to me, I know it isn't but I can't say any of that helps, I must learn GERMAN. I think I need it now. Should have payed attention in school.
Go to krikke.net and order away. He is cheaper than anyone else and shipping is not to bad. This pipe is not cheap thou. I have spent thousands over the years with him. Great guy.
I am sure you will be very happy. Keep us posted, as i have had a samba and am also interested in the rn pipe for awhile now. They build some very high end pipes for sure. If you don't mind me asking did you order direct or throu someone else.???
I ordered the Monster S, the one without the silencer (see picture at the top). Someone said that this pipe gave a little more power than the other one.

Anyway, yesterday I spoke with RN Tuning and they said that this pipe was not about to be delivered to customers within 3-4 weeks :( So I just have to wait........
Yes, I hope it is worth the wait. However I got two new mails from pitstop-shop yesterday and they told me in the first one that the pipe now had been sent to me. I got extremely happyand started to make plans for the weekend :cool2:

However, just a few minutes afterwards I got the second mail where they told me that the pipes still wa`sn`t ready to be shipped to customers.

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