Robinson hardened spur gear

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Are any of you guys running this its heavy ,i was checking one out and i wonder if you need to change gear ratio or clutch..its absolutly bulletproof but alot of mass for the motor to spin and i noticed a billet spur gear holder which would probably a good idea with this gear
if you can aford to spend the ching, i would get a Elcon, Lauterbacher or Harm adjustable clutch. the stock shoes for whatever reason wear out pretty quickly. like 1 to 2 gallons or so.
Well its all apart so i suppose nows the time..i,m kind of waiting to see if hpi releases the aluminum diff cases before i throw her back together:2guns:
i wouldnt expect any SS parts to get out before the SS. sounds like thats been pushed back to a late November realease date now.
Bummer, oh well the weather has been pretty crappy lately it can probably wait ..i,m building a couple of crawlers right now as well..too many projects :)
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