Rosejonts/Ballends.. Plastic or alloy ?????

Alloy or Plastic

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Ok folks i'm busy buying up all the parts i need to turn my marder/beetle hybrid into a full alloy machine,, my question is this.. what rosejoints/ballends do you think are best and why??
remember this aint gonna be no shelf queen it will be getting bashed on a regular basis.. so alloy or plastic

I'm just wandering about the durability of the alloy ones compared to the plastic,, any thought or comments appreciated..
Cheers for reading
I can only contest to the plastic ones. The plastic gets sloppy after a bit of bashing but never enough to fall off without some force. They are cheap. They are easy to replace. I once went straight into a ditch culvert (You know the round metal tube under your driveway or ditch?) clipping my front tire on the side what broke? Nothing the plastic joint popped off and gave enough to save the rest from snapping or breaking.
Well, like Bigger the Better already stated the plastic does get slop in it over time. The other day while I was driving by MCD the bottom rose joint on the steering hub keep popping off and the steering was not as smooth as I would have liked. Needless to say I didn’t bring any spare rose joints with me. I did however have a set of alloy rose joints sitting at home and decided to change out the plastic one in the front suspension with the alloy ones. I think it looks really good and the suspension feels smoother. However I don’t know how well this will hold up over time, I haven’t had a chance to run it yet due to a bad front diff. On looks, durability, and overall smoothness I would have to say alloy. That might change though after I put it through several bashing session. I am concerned like Clubin said that there is no weak point. I will let you know how it handles and holds up as soon as I repair my front diff.

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