?'s before I buy

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Not 100% sure but think they are about the same just relabeled? I would check on the warranty. most people are buying them in bulk from overseas then reselling here for a slight profit.

Here is a couple, that shipping is ridiculous form that seller.:no:



Ive noticed most of them have high shipping on ebay but they seem to sell cheap enough to make it a good deal. What is a good price for one of these. Im not looking a the firehammers they seem to go to high. I don't want to pay extra for a warranty and a name.
All parts are interchangeable with Smartech Bigfoot and Duratrax FH parts. The TQ parts break VERY easily, so eventually you will be forced to change them. The TQ body shells are also very brittle. TQ Fuel tanks leak at the seams and do not come with grommets.

I also noticed that these 2



Have 23cc engines.....didn't know that TQ made them with 23cc, thought all were 26cc. Something to check with seller.
I'd stay away from those TQ ones, they are just a cheaper copy of the clones, they cut too many corners with them and you will have nothing but trouble from the first 30 seconds use ( I gave up after 2 minutes and now its a parts donour). As for the motors they advertise them as 23, 26, 28 who knows what they actually are?
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