sand paddles

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any1 know where i can get some sand paddles for my fg i pmed coil about his adaptors for hpi wheels but he hasnt got back to me yet i was gonna try xrc wheels but i since found out the beadlocks are plastic welded to the rims so i wouldent be able to swap out the tyres for paddles can any1 help


you would have to use the same rear tires on the fronts if you are running sand pladdles all around. if you are running the hpi front tires then you will need different front rims.
i just want em for an occasional bash on the beach and with them bein squares i don't have to swap out with adaptors and i can keep my brakes i got told the wheels have the beadlocks plastic welded on if so how do u fit the hpi tyres??
maybe someone plastic welded them to stop the beadlock breaking or wheels ripping out - this would be a throwback to what USAbaja said - likely cheap design. I'd say they would be a normal beadlock setup.

If you have an FG monster then don't even bother, the FG monster tyres go extremely well on the sand, give it a shot first before you waste your cash on the paddles.
mines a marder i was gonna get my cousin to machne me up some adaptors then i can use hpi wheels only problem i have is i would have to remove my brakes to do this so im trying to find out if i can fit thr paddles and beadlocks from a hpi to the xrc rims
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