Sell as is, or Part out

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What tires are you using on that FG MT? They look tiny compared to the truck.

you making it RTR, or ARTR?

parting out can make you more, but take longer to do, plus if you ebay theres fees and such, but there are enough forums around you could prolly sell most of it. but you ll enevidably end up with a few parts left. you could always donate them to a good kid that needs some parts. lol
Strip it down to stock sell it and sell the aftermarket upgrades separate. Add it up and you may get around the same with a little more work but at least stuff will start to move and you can make your payments without the Mrs. saying told you so.:blush:

:scooter:Hi All, Well Someone got a great deal! I sure hated to see it go:crying: O'well at least I can watch my new Plasma TV Paid for:celebrate:! Thank's to all! SOLD!
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