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I am really contemplatin gettin a new large scale...and am looking at an fg leopard or the fg baja....anyone ever run both of them??/
What are the pros and cons...stuff i should look out for....any input would be great!!!
Lemme know what you all think!!!
well the leopard is a race buggy with a extended chassis so it will handle better in every way , the baja is basically a marder based buggy with different body and rim and rubber ..
check your pm ..
from what I understand the leopard has been discontinued by FG, so parts may be a little harder to come by over time. I say get the Fg baja buggy, it looks cool
I've not had the FG Baja, but have had the Leopard. It was upgraded with Hydros and full alloy, and viscus diff. Absolutely loved it, awesome buggy.
kwakr get ahold of chris from bigboystoysand hobbies he emailed me pictures of a used fg leopard he told me to make offer but i don't need any more toys right now its real nice has chrome wheelsand blue body looks real clean tell him harry sheldon from mich.told you about this fg leopard good luck give him a call or check his website out for number i did not see this on his website for sale though thats why you need to tell him i told you about this
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