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Well, been a while since I visited, and I need some help. I need recommendations on a servo/servos for steering. Short recap of my project is 4wd 65-70lb truck. 1/4 scale. Full thread here......

My first choice was to use a Tonegawa servo, but I am planning on getting a Nomadio radio by recommendations from others due to my needs. Pretty sure the nomadio would need digital servos, and the Tone is analog. So if that is true I need some advice on high torque servos that I could use. Thanks.
you can use either digital or analog servos with Nomadio radios. just go to the servo setup area and choose either analog or digital.

the Tonegawas are agreat as are the Tunder tigers.

JR has a line of standard size servos. the 8711B line i think it is, that are 405 oz in of torque! that HUGE for a stndard size servo.
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