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Come on guys this one is quiet! How to you set up the toe angles on the rear wheels ? what about the camber for the rear ? this thread can be used for the beetle and mt!
sorry, as i under stand neg 1 detree is good for rear camber. but cant say on toe. maybe -2 or 3 i think for typical dirt track set up. -1 on street i think are the numbers ive seen. sorry i cant be more help. take these numbers with a grain of salt too.
Heres a basic set-up for the marder or beetle, This seems to work very well on the marder.

Rear toe: 1 degree toe in
Rear camber: 1 degree negative
Front toe: 1 degree toe out
Front camber: 0

2000wt shock oil in the front
1000wt shock oil in the back

I hope this helps.

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