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I love to paint bodies and these large scale bodies are a large canvas for lots of customizing. Let us know your painting ideas and achievements and even your mistakes so we can all benefit and try out our skills. I know I'm always looking for something new.

Whether plastic or lexan, these large scale bodies wreak havoc on a pair of lexan scissors. Are these the best way to cut?
The Baja looks sweet:)

Regarding cutting out the bodies, I have used a pair of fg lexan scissors for the last couple of years now and they are still very sharp. I also use a dremel to finish of the edges.
Do not background paint you body with black, use silver or white or none at all! Mine was to be Cherry Red and the black bled through to make it brown.:cursing:


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I'm no painting master, however I've always heard back spraying with white or silver is the best.

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im looking for ideas for my body
I normally back my bodies with black. I have found that this only works when the previous coats are totally curred, and you have to use light coats of the black "backer" and let them dry fully before spraying more. On the light colors that you want to have bright, first back with white. On metallic colors, I back with silver first. But I will always eventually back with black. It gives the body a finished look.

Bigger--I have also turned a red color brown backing it with black. I found that if I first back with white or silver, then black, it turns out the way I want.

sb racing--where do I get these fg lexan scissors?--nate
well i do like the spazstixs range of flip paints,masks,and they do a good surface pre prep spray but from start to finish i would give it a good clean with soap and water appply what masks i am using then apply a dusting of surface pre prep then spray and everytime i removed a mask it would get a dusting of pre prep before paint applied and then once im happy with it a coat of black followed by 2 cans of clear varnish to protect it a bit more

i did use tamiya metallic purple on my leopard shell with spazstixs chrome,mask and pre prep however i did find the tamiya paints to be really thin/watery


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