Show us your Marder

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Well lets see them guys.

Here's mine. FG Marder Race full Elcon Alloy.

And what Ive got at the moment.

And a couple of Nitro's but i try not to mention them :p


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Those are some beautiful rides!
And I'll still say again "I can't believe she lets you put those on the bed".:)
Does she know you have 3 other loves on the bed at the same time?:clown:


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The Mud Marder made it look more like a buggy to me and it keeps other tires out of the wheels. It looks pretty cool, but the side pieces I got were really not that great of quality tbh. It took a lot of work to get the ends down to be even with the body. the vac forming kind of curled out at the ends. put it this way, I make molds and a buddy has a former so I could have more and I decided not to ;)

I drilled holes, used goop and pop riveted the side guards on and used a bunch of clamps, clothes pins and blocks to hold it all together. that said I still like it a lot better than the stock shape. I feel faster with this body LOL oh and the guards keep the dirt down well too

I had a tough time between this and the toureg, but it didn't have an undertray