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It's so but it's french and is very high maintence and a nightmare to work on! The seat is the better on it's up to 300BHP at the moment! Fastflee that bike is OUTSTANDING!! do you have anymore pics?
Heres my boy...was at work earlier and couldnt post..the air tank in the rear is for the train horns.


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Here's my BABY!! I bought her brand new 3 days before x-mas '05 & put 8000miles on the first season. I baby the hell out of her!! I have all the detachable for it, bags & backrest so when it's pic time I can strip her down bare. I have made other changes that I don't have pics of yet but this spring I get some more.

By the way, during the winter she gets a room of her own in the HOUSE!!

Damn thats gorgeous turtle...I wish I could get a Harley but with the way people drive here in south Fl. I wont last long.
thats the one Teamchrome...that pic is awesome. Land,sea and a bad a$$ pick-up...what more can u ask for...(Turtleracing's
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