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Man this is the second big snow storm we got in the last week. First one was 15 inches now we are looking at another 12 with this one. Pictures really don't give a good idea of just how bad it is snowing and blowing out right now. Right across the road is the beach and Lake michigan and you cant even see the lake right now. Its about 300 yards away.
Should of put my car in the garage lastnight:(
Man that looks like a mess. So far we in KY have lucked out - maybe 2-3 inches all year and usually when it snowed it was gone that day or the day after.

Right now it's just a rainy mess.

Bah, a couple weeks ago there was about a 70cm drop up here.
its fun having to shovel a path so you can get to your truck, then clear a bunch of snow so you can open the door.
im seeing the same storm u are jeremy. im ready for spring to. im getting tyard of running the baja around the driveway and on the road. im tareing down my moto cross style track and im going to turn it into a big oval as soon as the weather will work with me some.
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