SLD Killer tires

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Just wondering who has tried these? I'm thinking about getting a set but not sure where to buy them from. The going price seems to be around $150CAD for 4 glued wheels. Then shipping would be around $40 or so at the most.

They would also have to have a offset so my brakes don't rub. From what I've seen most of them are mounted on Lauterbacher rims too!

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hi selwa i got a set of these a month ago excellent set of tyres for offroad a good quality all round tyre for grass mud blaze sand etc i run yellow dot on back and blue dot on front at the time i also bought a set of pmt offroad tyres which i haven't tried yet due to waiting till new shell is painted
i use nothing but lauterbacher rims good quality rim with square protector and run fine with the hydros

pmt tyres can be found here

and also DLD have brought out the maxi splitter which can be found here
Good to hear!! Funny thing is that I have those PMT tires! They are mounted on Leopard rims. I bought them from a friend of mine for $100CAD!! How sweet is that!!
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