Slow Stick


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Orlando, Florida
heres a little toy I picked up for $150 lots a fun, although I bought it only 1 week before my baja, so I don't mess with it much, but its alot of fun.


here is a short video of me flying. im not to good but im workin at it.

At least I can tell her its cheap lol....Like I said on the other forum Im going to check into it and see what I can come up with...I like that recon daddy shock tower on the back there.
I have the same plane...just waitin for some warmer weather to fly it. 5 years ago I had a tigermoth (first plane) and it was a lot of fun. Now tryin to get back into. The kit its self is only $30 and I already had the electronics from the tigermoth.
I have the same one. I live directly across the street from a park and fly it in the mornings when there is not a lot of wind. Its a great trainer and even more fun once you get used to using sticks. Im using a little LiPo and it rocks!
cracker, I will personally come and install the self automated gun turret and mine field for you! you ever seen the movie with vin diesel baby sitting those kids? Youll just have to learn the peter panda dance lol!
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