Smartech Beetle


Hello. I am still new here. The small 1/12 crawler I bought for my daughter showed me that I still like RC cars as I did in my youth. I usualy do RC flying of all kinds but RC cars are good fun too. I kept looking at large scale because that's what I wanted back when I was younger but couldn't afford it.

I then decided to not get one (allready had a Rovan Baja in my mind) because they are too loud. The I found a Smartech Uno (FG Marder clone) for a mere 80 €.
Reciever battery was dead and a linkage worn out. There rest was fine. It looked absolutely horrible in the add because the seller never bothered cleaning it.
Good for me because I got it and it runs well.
The body of the original was never nice to look at in the first place but the previous owner broke it in several spots and butchered it to make room for a FG tuning pipe.
Now I spent another 50 € on a beetle body on ebay and painted it.

I know this car is on the bottom end of all the cars that are osed on here but considering the price (130 € with the new body) and how well it runs I am quite happy with it.
I mounted the body with 3D printed parts and printed hinges in the front so I can fold the body forwards to start the engine. That way I did not have to butcher the body like the guy before me did.

Old body or what's left of it: