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Adelanto ca
OK I KNOW I am not that smart but do the smartheh truck parts work on the FHMT I sure like that titan truck body if any one can tell me that way I KNOW and maybe I can teach someone else:devil2:
I am pretty sure the Titan body will fit on the FH or Smartech Bigfoot. Don't think the Titan body is made of Lexan though...think it is ABS (not positive though)
All Smartech Bigfoot FHMT, and the Carson Comanche parts are interchangeable.
The Titan is not one of the FHMT/Bigfoot family, its a different truck altogether. The Titan body doesn't fit straight on the FHMT/Bigfoots but it is very close and could easily be modded to fit. The mounting holes are in slightly different places.
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