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Hi guys,

I know i'm prolly gonna get flamed, but i have a smartech 'Magic wheel'.
Does anyone know if any upgraded parts are available or what upgraded parts from other manufacturers will fit??

Supposedly, it is a clone of a Traxxas T-Maxx (probably the 2.5). I would check at and look up the parts listing for the T-Maxx and see if it looks anything like yours. Good thing about Traxxas, the parts are everywhere!
The Magic Wheel is a 1/10 scale, not a largescale. You'll probably find better info on

You know what!?? i was told that by the guy in my now local hobby shop! on the box it's said that the magic wheel is a 1/8 scale truck.. am i not correct??
An dthis is what the website says... "This is the off road Magic Wheel monster truck kit. This model is a massive 1:8 scale kit which is bulkier and bigger than the standard 1:10 scale ones.

can i claim that they should send me a new 'proper' 1/8 scale machine??

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The Chinese always see things bigger than they really are in regards to RC. I would check out and see if any of those guys can steer you. Looking at a pic of it, it looks like a T-Maxx clone.
thanks for the replies guys.. i'm now slightly annoyed at this..
I'm gonna call the guy tomorrow and see whats going on.
Anythin tips you can let me have when asking questions? and what he might try and palm me off with?

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