Sneak peak at my front rose joint mod.

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I was going to wait until I had finished this and had some testing done to see how it holds up but as I know a few who have been having issues with the rose joints on the front lower wishbones I thought this might be useful sooner rather than later.

Anyway I have sourced some super high quality M8 sized ball raced rose joints which look absolutely indestructible so I bought a bulk quantity thinking I was going to retro-fit to every M8 rose joint on the buggy. After receiving them however I realized that although it would add greatly to the buggy's durability I simply didn't want to add the additional weight as these buggers are HEAVY.

Wont go into specifics just yet needless to say these are not a direct fit and require modifications in order for them to work. still some stuff to do but heres the initial fit test.



Did you put a bushing inside the ball to reduce the ID? I only ask because it looks like you still used the stock Bolt and Nut, which I imagine because you would have to increase the holes in the chassis diameter. How is it working out, same range of motion?
As I wanted this mod to be completely reversible back to stock if necessary all standard bolt diameters were used so yes there is a bushing to reduce the bore hole from 8mm down to 5mm. As these new joints are longer I also had to cut off the ends so that they would fit which is actually a good thing as it reduces there overall weight.

Took me a while to work out the correct sized spacers but it now has full range of motion and best of all zero slop.

The brass screw on the side is a grease nipple. I ones I have installed has a diffrent sized grease nipple (larger) which fits onto my grease gun for quick servicing.
"grease nipple" sounds so kinky!! LMAO!!

I was always wondering what those things were. I have seen them at but was skeptical to get them since they were the 8mm ones.

To tell you the truth, I think they might have fixed the rose joint problem on the Race Runner Evo because I have had no problems with mine (knock on wood)! And I have been running it pretty hard with a few hard jumps. Only time will tell I guess.
As far as im aware the new evo models used identical parts to the older racerunners where those parts are concerned but like most things R/C some people continually break a part while others have no drama's. Luck of the gods I guess.

I personally have only ever busted 2 front joints but have not had a problem since installing the front bumper so this mod is more like preventative maintenance for me. The other advantage is they shouldn't ever wear out or develop slop but this of course comes at the cost of a little extra weight.
Yeah considered those alloy ones but worked out to retrofit them in place of every plastic joint would cost the same as buying a new car. About $65AU each + shipping (ouch!)

Got mine from the USA and got a dozen landed here for just under $100AU which I thought was worth the risk. Anyway the hinge pin conversion sounds like the best way to go.
I'm using Lauterbacher Rose Joints in my MCD. They have a small hole through the side which (if you need to) use a small screw to tighten the rose joint right up. Never had any problems after using them...
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