snow proofing

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Regina SK
its starting to snow here and I wont to snow proof my fire hammer mt i already put the radio tray in a plastic bag what eles can i do to snow proof my fire hammer mt
they need to breath somewhat, I would highly recommend screening the vent holes in the backside of the motor behind the flywheel. not only will it keep the snow out, but it will also keep the rocks and other debris out of that area.

you could pull the bottom caps off your servos and fill them up with dielectric greese. that way water cant get into the servo at all as all voids are filled with the non conductive dielectric greese. take the top of the servo case off and fill it also and use o rings to help seal the drive gear exit on teh top of the case as well.
do the dielectric greese to you on/off switch as well to keep it from shortig out.

i ll post this up on the other thread too.
T- on the backside of the motor, how should the screen be attached? Epoxy? I have my motor off my Baja now and was looking at that tonight. I don't want to put on anything that won't stick or melt.
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