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moe daddy

apopka fl,
I was wondering if any of ya'll have came across this same promblem here, latlely while running my baja the throttle has been a little crazy even at close range if i'm half throttle or full it's not responding that way it seems to have a mind of it's own I check the throtle servo which is a futaba s3305 and all the theeth are there but when I had it apart I pluged it back in and the plastic gear that makes contact with the man brass drive gear off it's motor acts a little eratic it looks like it keeps spinnig and doesn't drive the other gears at times but I also noticed while it's doing that the gear that drives the throttle arm doesn't seem to really phase it so im not sure if that's exactly the promblem or not so if any of you has had this promblem please let me no what it was or have any idea's what else it may be or what to check for and how, I would greatly appreciate it thanks.
you can try another servo to see if it too is funky? what radio system you useing. you may be getting glitching in the radio system.
yes it is digital ,I was wondering if i could try to adjust it or just leave it alone the only I know to check it is have the controller off and the reciver on and make sure that the brakes are locked up any other way to know if it needs to adjusted thanks guys.
I,d just replace the servo..better safe than sorry it may not respond to the failsafe and the b5 is pretty heavy if it goes
actually found the promblem the antenna in the tube was broke i don't no how it broke like it did exactly but got same gauge wire took the reciver apart unsoldierd the old and soildered on the new and seems to work perfect thanks for all the input guys.
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