Some large scales I've owned..

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I'm looking to get a 'gasser' again this year, after seeing some sweet rigs recently

So here's my previous efforts at large scale petrol, both now been moved on long ago

First up is the kyosho ARC 1/6

Stripped and built up using a host of upgrade and custom made (by myself) parts

Spec at time of filming

-Xmax racing 30.5cc engine
-4 shoe clutch
-Fg power pipe
-Black bone full gearset
-custom brake setup,carbon rails,cage,fuel delivery,carbon servo tray
-40kg steering servo + more

These where taken early last year

And a contrast I owned too, onced owned by andy knight....this was kept mainly stock as it had what it needed when I purchased , bar the intake I put together myself and the XtremeWerkz clutch, few other bits, carbon battery cover etc