Florida South Florida bashers/racers ???

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Broward county
I’m located in South Florida, broward county to be more exact.
Looking for places to run my 5iveT...
Race tracks with Jumps and such would be ideal...any groups???

Where do y’all run these 5th scales ??

so far I found very few places to run the 5iveT.
I mainly go to Markham and Vista View Park park
These 2 parks have nice long fields for high speed runs
They also have Rc dirt tracks but just for 1/10 scale, I run around them till the Lil guys show up lol.

Also hobby shops around my way. None carry 5th scale items. So I mainly order everything on line and wrench on it my self. Learning my rig has been some very frustrating lessons. :ROFLMAO: CA7399FA-7F20-4BA6-8101-24AB64800019.jpeg CECEABC2-91E2-48C2-A469-A77E52F73B41.jpeg