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Has anyone else been smashing there spark plugs on fairly simple rollovers and such. There's not enough clearence above the plug and the roll bars flex so much that it drove the plug right through the plastic plate thingy above it twice now. The first time it striped the little spring right out of the plug boot. and the second time it totalled the plug.

I was going to either try to re enforce the roll span between the middle hoop and the back, and/:helpsmilie: or add a new taller home made aluminium skid plate from the the factory plate back to the shock brace.

Any one have this problem and or solutions.
I broke a plug on my marder rolling over without the body. at least the marder body has a little extra lexan above that spot. you could also try putting something around the roll bar "handle" to increase height I imagine.
I've seen that cover, if it is not any taller, the roll bar flex will drive into the plug anyways.
something is amiss still i think. i have a first run baja from june 06. in that yr, ive only broken one plug, and that was when my cover was off as i was doing to tuning, got a wheely going and flipped it.

is the center cage tight? or possibly cracked, broken allowing for some excessive movement?
it didn't work. Plug shattered.

I have to admit. They're not simple rollovers...More like an A-Team flip. Ya, know, a nice big jump with a nice 180 roll, and good land on the lid tail first slapping the top down as it rocks forward. Good air though. When it comes of the jump straight, it's clearing a good 30 feet. Not real high, just 4 or 5 feet.

I can't believe no ones had this problem.

please spare me the "learn to drive" responces.


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Don't need no stink'n air-bags...

This should do it..



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